William H. Corson

Date of Birth: April 12, 1894
Place of Birth:
Date of Death: March 3, 1956
Place of Burial: State Road Cemetery, Cogan Station, Pennsylvania

William H. Corson was a a widely known sportsman and taxidermist practicing in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. He was active as chairman of the fish committee of the Consolidated Sportsman of Lycoming County. He was a former chairman for membership drives, and was a leader at annual field days. He has been a member of the organization since it was formed in 1936. Mr. Corson was also a member of the Lycoming Creek Sportsmen’s Assoc., the Poor Shot Hunting Club, and the Black Wolf Hunting Club. He was a member of the Market Street Methodist Church. He was an Army veteran of World War I, and a member of Garrett Cochran Post No. 1, American Legion.

William Corson was accidentally killed at age 62 when a shotgun went off in his shop. The county coroner ruled the death accidental. In reconstructing the accident, police said that Mr. Corson had evidentally been working at a table. A gun rack was located behind the table. The taxidermist probably reached for a shotgun on the rack and while grasping the gun by the barrel, a peg in the rack discharged the gun, police theorized.