Taxidermy Hall of Fame Board of Directors

Larry Blomquist, Chairman

Larry Blomquist has been a leader in the taxidermy industry for nearly 50 years. As a successful taxidermist, sculptor, supplier, writer, hunter, organizer, publisher and promoter, he has held top positions throughout every aspect of the taxidermy profession. Larry is the editor and publisher of Breakthrough magazine, the Chairman of the World Taxidermy Championships®, and is one of a handful of living Taxidermy Hall of Fame inductees. He has served as president of the National Taxidermists Association as well as countless other organizations. Larry is probably the most prolific and highly sought-after taxidermy judge, having judged in over 200 taxidermy competitions as well as given scores of live seminars at conventions spanning the past four decades.

Mike Oropallo, Secretary/Treasurer

Mike Oropallo is a passionate outdoorsman and conservationist, who has served the outdoor, archery and taxidermy industries in many ways, including in educating people about wildlife laws and conservation.  Mike is an accomplished trial lawyer, with an emphasis on environmental laws and intellectual property matters (patents, trademarks and copyrights).  He has successfully litigated cases on the copyrightability of taxidermy manikins, among other key victories for the outdoor community.  He is a former member of the Advisory Council for the National Taxidermists Association, A Life Member of the United Taxidermy Association, and has handled such high profile cases as the Polar Bear Endangered Species Act/Marine Mammal Protection Act case, and done pro bono work for such organizations as the Pope & Young Club. 

Ken Edwards, Director

Ken Edwards has been heavily involved in the taxidermy profession for the past 35 years, helping to develop many of the main institutions which have helped to shape the direction of the industry in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Ken was the first Managing Editor and Art Director of Breakthrough magazine, helped develop the World Taxidermy Championships, edited, designed, illustrated and published the Breakthrough Wildlife Art Manual books and videos, and served as the CEO of WASCO (Wildlife Artist Supply Company) until July of 2011. Ken also created the groundbreaking website, Taxidermy.Net, which he still maintains as the current webmaster. Ken is the recipient of the NTA President’s Award, the 2012 NTA Pioneer Award, and the 2009 and 2012 Pearl Henderson Lifetime Acheivement Award.

Wesley “Skip” Skidmore, Director

Skip Skidmore’s interest in taxidermy began early in his youth and his most prized award was his first, a third-place ribbon for a spotted skunk at the 7th Annual Taxidermy Review competition.  In 1997 he was honored as National Taxidermists Association Director of the Year for contributing to the establishment of the taxidermy judge’s certification program. Starting in 1985, he continues today as the Competition Chairman for the World Taxidermy Championships.  Skip is a vertebrate curator at the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, Brigham Young University, in Provo, Utah.  As a Taxidermy Hall of Fame board member, he looks forward to honoring outstanding taxidermists and contributors to the taxidermy profession throughout the world.