The Taxidermy Hall of Fame Selection Committee

The Hall of Fame is governed by a four-member Board of Directors and a five-member Advisory Board, which together make up the nine-member Executive Committee which votes on the final inductees from the nominee list.

THOF Board of Directors:
      Larry Blomquist, President, Louisiana
      Mike Oropollo, Secretary/Treasurer, New York
      Ken Edwards, Georgia
      Skip Skidmore, Utah

THOF Advisory Board:
      Wendy Christensen, Wisconsin
      Matthias Fahrni, Switzerland
      Mike Kirkhart, Florida
      Gary Pegg, Australia
      Stephen Rogers, Pennsylvania

The nominee list is screened by the advisory board and the eighteen-member selection committee. Nominees must receive an 70 percent approval rate from this screening to advance. Here are the current members of the Selection Committee:

THOF Selection Committee
      Dennis Behn, Colorado
      Chris Cammack, Texas
      Wendy Christensen, Wisconsin
      Richard Christoforo, Massachusetts
      George Dante, New Jersey
      Brenda Duval, Wisconsin
      Terry Ehrlich, South Carolina
      Matthais Fahrni, Switzerland
      Jack Fishwick, Great Britain
      Katharina Hecker, South Africa
      Mike Kirkhart, Florida
      Russell Knight, Alaska
      Dale Manning, Montana
      Joe Meder, Iowa
      Gary Pegg, Australia
      Stephen Rogers, Pennsylvania
      Becky Snyder, Pennsylvania
      Gail Tout, New Mexico
      Tim Stidham, Missouri
      Fred Vanderburg, Colorado
      Ken Walker, Canada
      Mark Walker, New Zealand
      Jeff Whitlock, Florida

Any interested party may submit a nominee for consideration by the Selection Committee. Once the list of nominees is closed for the year, the nominees will then be subject to a screening vote. To move past the screening vote, each nominee must receive 70 percent approval from the Selection Committee for further consideration. 

Up to four new inductees are allowed every two years. The site of the induction ceremony will be chosen at the time, based upon the prevailing situation.

In the Spring of 2020 the THOF decided to separate inductees into two categories. Historical, whose major contributions were 50 years before his or her nomination date and Contemporary whose contributions were more recent. In each odd-numbered induction year, two historical and two contemporary nominees will be inducted into the Taxidermy Hall of Fame.