Other Hall of Fame Inductees

The Taxidermy Hall of Fame recognizes and honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the taxidermy profession, including pioneers and innovators who have made a significant impact upon the art. Since its beginning in 1974, there have been forty-four honorees inducted into the hall of fame. Due to the methods for nomination and induction in the early days of this organization, we have quite limited information on several inductees. If more information is forthcoming in the future, these inductees will have their biographies expanded to include the new information an/or photographs. Please contact the THOF with any additional facts that can help us to feature these American taxidermists:

J. August Beck
A. C. Murph Berndt
William A Biedermann
Dow Channell
William H. Corson
Charles H. Eldon
Matthew O. Huusko
Lee J. Loomis
Al Pflueger
John Rowley
Rudolph M. Schiele
Harry Schumacher
Karl Schwarz
E. A. Self
Ed Shaw
Ike Shaw
A. D. Stache
Cecil Tose
D. M. Wooster

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