Current Taxidermy Hall of Fame Inductees

The Taxidermy Hall of Fame recognizes and honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the taxidermy profession, including pioneers and innovators who have made a significant impact upon the art. Since its beginning in 1974, there have been forty-four honorees inducted into the hall of fame. Here is the current list of previous inductees into the Taxidermy Hall of Fame:

Carl E. Akeley
Larry Blomquist
Joseph E. Bruchac
James L. Clark
Sinclair Clark
Cary Cochran
Terrence Coffin-Grey
Sallie Dahmes
J.W. Elwood
Charlie Fleming
Brian Harness
Raymond H. Harper
Heinrich August Henkelmann
William T. Hornaday
Henry Wichers Inchumuk
Coleman Jonas
Louis Paul Jonas
Dale Knobloch
George Lesser
Joe Meder
Norm Meyer
Frank Newmyer
Michael Orthober
Harry Paulson
Charles Willson Peale
Leon Pray
Robert H. Rockwell
John Rowley
Frank Schwarz
Herman H. ter Meer
Sam Touchstone
Onno Van Veen
Bob White
 Other Inductees