Dale Knobloch

Date of Birth: October 3, 1947
Place of birth:
Current location: Jefferson, Maine

Dale Knobloch operated a successful taxidermy business in Buffalo, New York, for 15 years. Wanting to further hone his taxidermy skills, he moved to Denver to associate with other expert taxidermists, and was soon a contracted employee at Jonas Brothers. This move coincided with the first Taxidermy Review and National Taxidermists Association conventions, which he eagerly entered and started winning top awards in single ribbon categories. Being acknowledged for his superb taxidermy mounts fostered a desire within him to solve broader taxidermy applications.

Not having any loyalties to the taxidermy methods used in the 1970’s, he was quick to search for better materials, better resins and foams, and, better adhesives and casting materials. He saw opportunities to improve ways of producing high quality mounts. Dale had been working with paper mache and plaster forms and saw that efficiently sculpting in greater anatomical details could improve molded forms which would need little or no alterations. In these early days he produced a line of game head forms that were ready to use off of the shelf and were known at the Signature Series offered by Jonas Bros. of Denver. 

Dale continued his development of products by expanding into designing new ear molds and tanning creams. The widespread use of his revolutionary tanning product TC-9 began replacing the disadvantages of dry preservatives. Today, in the new millennia, such Knobloch products as Liqua-tan, Reptile Tan, Enzol B, skin rehydration Bascal-S, Kemal-4, are commonly found in taxidermy shops and supply companies. His contribution have revolutionized the quality and progressive improvement of preservation techniques of biological specimens. He is now retired from Preservation Solutions, a company he ran from 1998 to 2008.