Taxidermy Hall of Fame Nomination Application

Please type or print legibly in English.

Statement of Reasons for Nomination: When a nomination is made, a biographical sketch is required detailing the contributions of your nominee and why he/she should be considered. This information is of extreme importance during the selection process and it will be used on the website if the person is inducted.

All requested information to be received between January 1, 2020 and September 30, 2020 for consideration of induction in 2021. If there are more than 10 nominee applications the THOF 20 member Selection committee will consider, vote on, and reduce the number of nominees to 10 no later than March 31, 2021. The final 10 nominees will then be considered and voted on by the Executive Committee. This final selection vote of new inductees will be made by April 30 of the induction year. New Taxidermy Hall of Fame members will be honored at a formal induction ceremony in the summer and featured in the THOF website.

Nominee Information 

Date: _____________
Name of person you would like to nominate: ________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: Home:___________________ Cell:___________________ Email:___________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________
City:_____________________ State/Province:________ ZIP/PostalCode:_______________ Country:__________
Date of Birth and Place: _____________________________________________________________
Date of Death: _____________________

Burial Place: _________________________________
Name of Spouse or Closest Living Relative: __________________________________________________

The biographical sketch is suggested to contain the following:

  1. Contributions to the taxidermy profession relating why your nominee merits election into the Taxidermy Hall of Fame. Suggested merits may include the impact of this person on the professional international community, innovation of techniques, new supplies, special achievements and awards, and superior artistic contribution or experience. The biography of the nominee should be between 500–1,000 words with at least one photo of the nominee. Additional supporting photographs are welcome and can be copies of original photographs or in digital form. (Photos submitted will not be returned.)
  2. Include birth date (and death date if applicable including cemetery)
  3. Including photos of person, work place, and mounts helps the Selection Committee make final decisions.

Nominator Information

Your Name: _______________________________________________________
Telephone and Area Code: Home: ________________ Cell: ________________ Email: ___________________________________________________________
Street Address: ___________________________________________________
City/State: _______________________________________________________ ZIP/PostalCode: _______________ Country: __________


All original submitted nominee applications will be retained at the office of the Hall of Fame secretary.
If you prefer to email the application, biography, and photos it should be emailed to Skip Skidmore: Submit completed forms and mail to

Taxidermy Hall of Fame
Barclay Damon LLP
Barclay Damon Tower
125 East Jefferson Street
Syracuse, NY 13202