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Welcome to the Taxidermy Hall of Fame

Carl E. Akeley sculpting the big bull elephant for the group in the African Hall, later renamed the Akeley Hall, at the National Museum of Natural History, New York.

Welcome to the website for the Taxidermy Hall of Fame.

Our mission: To celebrate and preserve the history of taxidermy and to honor its pioneers and innovators, while displaying significant examples of the art for viewing and commemoration.

The Taxidermy Hall of Fame (THOF) educates all about the art and profession of taxidermy. It encompasses the world community of taxidermists and taxidermy. This website is a virtual museum and was launched in 2019 after having its conception from the early beginnings in the 1976 by Norm Meyer and other NTA organizing officers. This site recognizes and honors the historical development of taxidermy, its art, profession, people and animals.

It is our sincere hope that the Taxidermy Hall of Fame will become a key element in teaching and promoting the heritage of the art of taxidermy while promoting its influential personalities, significant achievements and important events, as well as being a clearinghouse for information honoring those who came before us and had an impact on our profession.